Sanitary measures


The significant repercussions related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) they pushed At the P'tit Marché to adapt quickly to the new reality. We are thus offering you a brand new delivery service for fresh fruit and vegetables directly to your home while limiting the spread of the virus as much as possible by adopting health measures. rigorous and strict. Here is an overview of our approach to counter contamination; 



1. We only work with importers, producers or suppliers who maintain very high sanitary standards.

2. We have a warehouse dedicated solely to the operation of the online business. No public access. You cut out the intermediary of supermarkets and the manipulation of people who want to look at their fruits and vegetables. In addition, we make sure to make a meticulous selection for you in order to have exceptional product quality.

3. Our employees are adequately trained in our sanitary measures, such as for example: hand washing as seen in hospitals as well as the handling of masks and gloves to avoid cross contamination.

4. The order assembly stations will be disinfected every hour and gloves and masks will also be changed at the same frequency.

5. Each employee must maintain a minimum distance of two meters between them to respect social distancing measures.

6. At the time of delivery, the delivery person must place the order of fruits and vegetables in front of the door, ring the bell and immediately move back a minimum of 2 meters before that the customer opens the door to pick up his bag (while wishing him a wonderful day).

7. The product groups will be divided by stations. Thus, only one person will handle these and unnecessary handling of the product will be avoided.

8. Each employee should contact their supervisor before their shift to inform them of their current state of health. If the employee exhibits any symptoms whatsoever, they will be refused at work.

9. All employees who are not required for operations, will work remotely!